Saturday, June 20, 2009


As the first posting of Privilege Check, I guess I should explain what this is all about. My goal in privilege check is yet another attempt to try and categorize my blogging once again. Thanks to the never-truly-disappearing internet, this morning I've realized that over the years (from maybe 2001) I've had a message board, three personal blogs, a poetry blog, a photo blog, three collaborative blogs (one being a World of Warcrack aka WoW guild blog), a short-lived fictional pirate blog, and now this. But I digress.

The goal of this blog is to represent my ramblings as an Asian American feminist male. I identify as an 5th generation American of Japanese Ancestry, a male, and as a feminist. I'm not sure if there are too many others out there who identify as such, and if there are, I'd love to hear from you. But yes, that is where I'm coming from, and that is where this blog will be going.

This is titled "Privilege Check" as I find that I am constantly having to not only check my own privileges (male, tall, educated, English-speaking, American, in a heterosexual relationship, etc.) but I am constantly frustrated with the ignorance of those that don't understand what privilege is and how the way they wield their privilege affects others around them.

I'm not one to completely scan through the entire blogosphere daily to find new content, so this will be mostly my observations on personal things and news that floats through the internet to me.

Comments policy: So I'm a pretty big advocate of free speech and thus encourage lots of comments, but I will delete stuff if it's straight-up offensive. Criticizing with research, statistics, personal experience, etc. is welcome. Name-calling, sexism, homophobia, racism, etc., etc. is not.

Note to all those that think comment moderation is fascist and defeats the purpose of free speech: if you want to say something hateful, go republish my stuff on your own blog and bash it there. Hell, you can even post your own links here. Also, don't do it anonymously. That's the lamest shit in the book. Seriously.

Thanks for reading and I always welcome questions, and your thoughts!


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